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About Sophie’s Garden

A homage to luxury, nature, and science, as well as beauty and responsibility.

In five years of research, SOPHIE’S GARDEN developed the revolutionary, globally exclusive Cell Conductor Complex®.

This complex starts working where skin aging begins—in the pores of the cell nucleus, our beauty vault. SOPHIE’S GARDEN thus oversees the beauty processes in our skin. Developed in Switzerland, it is produced and quality-tested according to Mindful Clean Beauty standards.

For smooth, fresh, and even skin and the individual luxury of one’s beauty.

How The Cell Conductor Complex® Works

A globally exclusive and highly effective anti-aging complex.

The luxurious skincare brand SOPHIE’S GARDEN blends traditional values with cutting-edge research. In collaboration with Swiss biotechnology specialists, they have developed the key formula, Cell Conductor Complex®. This complex is based on Funarine, an active ingredient sustainably obtained from million-year-old Swiss high-alpine moss. Thanks to the power of Funarine, SOPHIE’S GARDEN skincare products effectively impact the skin’s beauty processes one step earlier, targeting where skin aging begins – in the pores of the cell nucleus.

Funarine excels in keeping these pores free of deposits in a novel way and activating the flow of information within our cells. The exclusive and highly effective Cell Conductor Complex® is formed by combining Funarine with synergistic components such as marine fucoidan (brown algae), encapsulated Swiss spring water, organic lavender concentrate, and rose extracts.

All SOPHIE’S GARDEN products are exclusively “Made in Switzerland” and dermatologically tested; moreover, they guarantee the highest level of quality. SOPHIE’S GARDEN is a member of the BioMarine Association, dedicated to the global protection of oceans and algae, offering new perspectives and ways of thinking.

Mindful Swiss Clean Beauty – more than a promise. The SOPHIE’S GARDEN care range is, of course, produced without animal testing and is free from critical ingredients such as phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil products, and parabens.

The luxurious packaging items are created in collaboration with exclusive manufacturers such as Bernardaud in Limoges, France, and Gmund at Lake Tegernsee in Germany. Made of fine porcelain, glass, and paper, some items can be refilled.

A milestone in cosmetics – luxury care for firm, smooth, incredibly refined skin, new energy, and radiantly fresh evenness, for timelessly beautiful skin at every stage of life.

Our Packaging

The jar, printed with gold-colored letters, is made of precious porcelain by the French manufacturer Bernardaud of Limoges – a natural, high-quality material that has, for centuries, stood for traditional and everlasting luxury.

Simply shaped, mystically aubergine-colored glass bottles are decorated with filigree, and artistic floral ornaments – a hint of Art Nouveau meets feminine understatement. The paper for the packaging of these items comes from the well-known German paper manufacturer Gmund at Lake Tegernsee.

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