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About Juvena

A Cosmetic Brand at the Leading Edge

For JUVENA youthfulness is an attitude, a mindset, not just how a woman looks. Her thoughts, the way she moves, the twinkling in her eyes combined with the glow of her skin – the total constitutes her wonderful attractiveness. JUVENA of Switzerland stands for tradition and pioneering spirit in the development of superior anti-aging care. Founded in 1954, JUVENA combines tried and tested market values, such as high Swiss quality standards and professional customer care with innovative, scientific research. Revolutionary anti-aging skincare products are the result. JUVENA is a cosmetic brand at the leading edge.

Visible Secret of a Glowing Beauty

The name JUVENA is derived from the Latin “juvenalis” – youthfulness – and is, at the same time, both a vision and a promise. For over 50 years scientists at JUVENA have been researching the skin and the processes leading to skin aging. Their success is noticeable.

How the SkinNova SC Technology Works

After researching the processes behind skin aging for many years, scientists at JUVENA discovered a worldwide innovation: the source of fresh, new skin lies in the combination of two brilliant achievements – SkinNova Technology and Stem Cell Peptide. JUVENA calls this double revolution SkinNova SC Technology*. It actively supports the skin’s own stem cell activity – the source of fresh new skin – and at the same time provides the ideal micro-environment for all skin cells. This double revolution is an astonishingly effective yet absolutely skin-friendly principle of cell renewal, which densifies, refines, and restructures the skin profile. The quality of the skin is demonstrably improved from the inside. Fresh new skin. Like newly created.

Create fresh, new skin with SkinNova SC Technology.

As age increases, the regeneration processes slow down and no longer function perfectly. As a consequence, fewer cells are formed, the skin becomes dryer, thinner, and less elastic, and lines and wrinkles appear.

SkinNova SC Technology provides the ideal micro-environment for the optimum development of all skin cells. Thus, they can develop better, are well supplied with nutrients, and are more organized.

The cell peptide is transported in a liposome transport system to the skin’s own stem cells and supports their activity.

They reproduce, and fresh, new cells form. Through Skin Nova Technology, these new cells, too, can develop optimally… and, at the same time, the self-renewal potential of the stem cells is protected.

Exclusive Skincare Series of the Highest Quality

JUVENA’s comprehensive skincare range is founded on the interplay of years of scientific research and the highest quality, exclusive ingredients. The result is both visible and tangible.

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